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Strategic Merger’s team of strategic advisors is comprised of financial professionals that have a wealth of experience in the M&A industry. Every advisor that represents Strategic Merger are responsible for the overseeing and execution of transactions from start to finish. Additionally as an independent merger and acquisition advisory firm we are solely here to represent you as an advisor, and not as a principle or merchant banking service. By working in this way we offer a completely unbiased approach with zero conflict of interest, this remains the same whether we are communicating with a client in an upper management position or a CEO, the advice we offer is always for the benefit of our clients and is always impartial.

Corporate Financial Advisory

Strategic Merger’s corporate financial advisory professionals are able to assist clients in a managerial position and company owners by conducting research and analysis on their company’s current financial status. This enables Strategic Merger to offer timely advice that will position the company in a positive light for the future, and give them the upper hand to be the target of an acquisition. Strategic Merger provides our clients with accurate advice and information on issues that include:

  • Maximizing shareholder value through acquisitions or divestitures
  • Balance sheet restructuring to augment profitability while maintaining financial stability
  • Evaluating the appropriate mix of debt and equity
  • Raising capital in the private markets

Additionally Strategic Merger works with clients to evaluate their business for a multitude of different purposes. We provide our clients with valuations for both management and Directors who are looking to respond to:

  • Mergers, Acquisitions or Divestitures
  • Capital raising
  • Unsolicited offers
  • Purchase / Sale agreements

Strategic Merger’s long built reputation is of great importance to us, so when we work with a client we know that every piece of advice and information we offer them has to be correct. By working with one of our advisors our clients can rest safe in the knowledge that the information we share is kept in the strictest of confidence.